My Vista Security Talk

יום שישי, יולי 13, 2007

Vista Security Talk  On July 11, 2007 I gave a talk about different aspects of security in Vista. Vista brings security improvements to every part of the operating system. All these technologies integrated into vista makes it the most secure operating system known today, while taking into consideration the usability of the product. This makes Vista is as secure as possible but as friendly and usable as possible as well. Windows Vista is the most secure and trustworthy Windows operating system yet, and it will help organizations achieve their business and computing goals with confidence. In this talk I covered Vista’s security most...

Decurate Windows Vista UAC aware application with Elevated Shield Icon

יום רביעי, יוני 20, 2007

User Access Control Winforms Shield Before reading this post make sure you understand UAC. You can read about UAC at: When deploying enterprise applications and desktop systems, information technology (IT) administrators are often presented with the challenge of maintaining computer security while still enabling business productivity (usability) – traditionally two opposing forces. If systems and users were deployed in highly secure locked-down states, productivity would typically suffer because applications would cease to function properly in the absence of administrative privileges. In the other direction, if administrators opted for higher usability by granting end-users administrative privileges, systems became highly exposed to the effects...
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