How to parse a SAML token

21 במרץ 2014

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A customer asked me how to manually parse a saml token.

Well I found this blog post with a detailed answer.

To get the SAML token request from a request and decode it I do the following:

// spec says "SAMLResponse=" 
string rawSamlData = Request["SAMLResponse"];

// the sample data sent us may be already encoded, 
// which results in double encoding
if (rawSamlData.Contains('%'))
    rawSamlData = HttpUtility.UrlDecode(rawSamlData);

// read the base64 encoded bytes
byte[] samlData = Convert.FromBase64String(rawSamlData);

// read back into a UTF string
string samlAssertion = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(samlData);



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