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29 באפריל 2013


Until recently, you could only sign up for a new Windows Azure subscription using your Microsoft account (LiveID) It means that your administration account is governed by a private user account.

This is a major security threat.

  • The account credentials are simple user name and password (which could be easily stolen)
  • No “Multi factor authentication” is possible
  • No policy and management is enforced on the administration identity

All this is changing now with Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD)

Now you can Sign-In to windows Azure as an organization !!!

After you sign up to Azure as an organization, a cloud based tenant is automatically provisioned in WAAD to represent your organization.

Once this tenant has been created, an admin can then issue organizational accounts to each of its employees and assign licenses that will enable them to login to Windows Azure.
The tenant identities can be synchronized with your on-premises AD and managed as a directory in the cloud.

It means that you can use your home authentication method (for example: smart-card with a pin number) to authenticate to Azure. You can revoke users from a single location and enforce password policies.

The following login page can be used to sign-in to azure with your organization account.

A good place to start learning about WAAD can be found here.



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