Visual Studio Identity Support Works with .Net 4.5 Only

21 בנובמבר 2012

Visual Studio has an Identity and Access tool extension which enables simple integration of claim based identity authentication into a web project (WCF and ASP.Net) It turns out that the tool depends on Windows Identity Framework (WIF) 4.5 which was integrated into the .Net framework and is not compatible with WIF 4.0. For .Net 4.5 only applications you will see the following when you right click the project. “Enable Windows Azure Authentication” integrate your project with Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD).  “Identity and Access” integrate your project with Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS)...
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Where is Azure’s previous portal?

7 בנובמבר 2012

Few days ago the new portal was upgraded. The service bus was maid available (and few other new features) but the CTP announcements and the link to the previous portal was removed. Unfortunately as for today not all Azure features are available in the new portal, so the previous portal is still required. For example to use ACS or Data Sync we have to use the previous portal. To access the previous portal click on your name: Then a new menu will be opened, and a...
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