Concurrency Profiler on Visual Studio 2012 was moved

17 באוקטובר 2012

I wanted to run a concurrency profiling on my app so I activated the performance wizard and chose the last option (concurrency) but the results where nothing like I expected. The report I got looked similar to the sampling report presenting information about contention. I looked around and found that the good old concurrency profiling is now called “Concurrency Visualizer”. Click it and you’ll get all the concurrency reports. Enjoy Manu
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Moles in Visual Studio 2012 – The new Fake feature

11 באוקטובר 2012

Unit testing is not easy. One of the greatest challenges is to identify external dependencies and provide mock objects and behaviors. Few years ago Microsoft Research came out with an infrastructure called “moles” designed to solve this problem. With moles is was extremely easy to inject mock behavior and functionality to existing code (including code we don’t own such as the .net framework itself) Well In Visual Studio 2012 moles was adopted and introduced as the “Fake” feature. Now all we need to do to inject mock behavior to external code is create a fake assembly...

Connecting Cloud Services to Azure Virtual Network

10 באוקטובר 2012

A customer asked me if it is possible to connect cloud services to azure virtual network. When creating a new virtual machine we specify the network to be used but when creating a new cloud service the portal does not provide a method to connect the new cloud service to an existing virtual network. Well It is possible !!! Michael Washam wrote a nice blog about it. The Idea is to put NetWorkConfiguration in the config file (.cscfg) of your deployment. Enjoy Manu
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