Discover Identity Providers from ACS

19 בספטמבר 2012

A customer asked me how to dynamically discover the identity providers of a certain namespace in ACS. The request is simple: Let’s assume we have an application (RP) in http:\\localhost\myApp If will send the following request to acs: we will get the following json in the response },  {"Name":"Google","LoginUrl":"","LogoutUrl":"","ImageUrl":"","EmailAddressSuffixes":},{"Name":"Yahoo!","LoginUrl":"","LogoutUrl":"","ImageUrl":"","EmailAddressSuffixes":}] Now we can use (http get) the LoginUrl of each provider which will send us directly to its login page. If we call ACS with: We will get the good...
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Fiddler Disables Windows 8 WebAuthenticationBroker

I was trying to write a small sample which uses WebAuthenticationBroker to get a token from ACS and use it in a REST call to a web service. I followed the API but nothing worked. Not a single socket was opened. Then I noticed that fiddler is on. I switched it off and eureka everything works !!! I do not know why but it is impossible to debug windows 8 WebAuthenticationBroker with fiddler. Make sure fiddler is off before using WebAuthenticationBroker. Enjoy Manu 
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New tools for Federation in windows 8 and Framework 4.5

If you will try to install WIF SDK on a windows 8 with visual studio 2012 and then create a simple claim based application, you will see that “Add STS reference” is gone. So How do we use federation in visual studio 2012 and .net 4.5? Well it turns out that WIF as we know it is deprecated because it was integrated in the core of .Net 4.5 and the SDK is now provided as a set of powerful tools integrated into Visual Studio. The tools includes built-in local sts for testing, Great integration with...
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