New Major Release for Windows Azure

8 ביוני 2012

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Today 7.6.2012 Microsoft released a major new release for windows azure.

This release includes the following new capabilities:

  • IAAS (Infrastructure as service): Mount a new virtual machine from a variety of templates (windows, linux, sql etc) or from your vhd file.
  • Web Site: Create a web site on a shared infrastructure. This web site can run .Net, php, node.js, java, python or cms frameworks such as web matrix, joomla, drupal etc.
  • Cloud services: new release for the current model of web and worker roles.
  • Distributed cache running on existing web and worker roles machines.
  • Network: Create a virtual private network which include azure roles and on-premises machines.
  • Middle tier services such as messaging, identity,communication, cdn, media , big data, and more
  • A new HTML 5 portal.
  • New SDK (version 1.7)
  • Support for many languages (java, python, php) and environments (windows, Linux, IOS)
  • MySql support

This release puts Microsoft in competition with Amazon WS in the IAAS market and with Google Apps in the web site market. Microsoft has now an interesting capability of combining all these different types of clouds together in a single application. This is an important value to consider.

Go an play with new portal and download the new version of the SDK.

You can learn more at azure home page.



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  1. lior12 ביוני 2012 ב 18:26


    i was at your course in "Sela" about Azure.

    i was wondering how can i make a site with azure feature web sites and under that site make a virtual directory?
    like in IIS…

  2. Mickey27 בספטמבר 2012 ב 7:39

    That kind of tiknhing shows you're on top of your game