Shared Access Signature to Tables and Queues

28 ביוני 2012

SAS (Shared Access Signature) has been added to Azure Storage, which is really cool: Now it is possible to keep data in table storage and to let customer consume it without exposing the storage keys. This is a major improvement provided in the new SDK 1.7. Enjoy Manu
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Blobs Are Case Sensitive – Why?

20 ביוני 2012

I notices that blob names are case sensitive, yet NTFS and general web url are not. (Linux is…) I spoke to several friends and they told me that the http standard define url as case sensitive but in the real world no one implements that. The fact that blobs are case sensitive makes the task of exporting NTFS content to the cloud complicated because you know that your clients (who will access the blobs) will not assume that blobs as case sensitive. I heard explanations such as: "The distinction matters quite a bit for...
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Windows Azure with Java

18 ביוני 2012

The Windows Azure SDK for Java provides client libraries and tools to allow Java developers to quickly and easily create applications that run on Windows Azure or leverage Windows Azure services such as Windows Azure Storage or Service Bus. Downloading and Installing the Windows Azure SDK To get started with Java on Windows Azure, you need two major components: - Windows Azure Emulator and Eclipse Tooling - Windows Azure Client Libraries for Java You can install the Windows Azure Emulator and Eclipse Tooling directly from Eclipse. You can download the Windows Azure...
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Compute Emulator for web roles runs on IIS Express

13 ביוני 2012

From SDK 1.7 compute emulator for web roles are running on IIS express and not on IIS like in previous versions of the Azure SDK. To see the deployment we need to use some UI for IIS express but unfortunately IIS express does not have one. Fortunately LordAmit built a simple UI that can be found here. Now we can simply see the web roles deployments running on IIS express. Enjoy Manu
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New Major Release for Windows Azure

8 ביוני 2012

Today 7.6.2012 Microsoft released a major new release for windows azure. This release includes the following new capabilities: IAAS (Infrastructure as service): Mount a new virtual machine from a variety of templates (windows, linux, sql etc) or from your vhd file. Web Site: Create a web site on a shared infrastructure. This web site can run .Net, php, node.js, java, python or cms frameworks such as web matrix, joomla, drupal etc. Cloud services: new release for the current model of web and worker roles. ...
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Notes about Hosting WCF services on Worker Roles

3 ביוני 2012

WCF services works great on IIS. This is why I love to use Web role to host WCF services. This is the recommendation I give to my customers – Use IIS whenever possible to host your services. Yet there are scenarios where IIS does not fit. For example a scheduling might not work on IIS because of it's recycling model. In such cases it is required to host the service on a Worker Role. When hosting WCF service service on a worker role there are few points to remember: 1. It is required to open an...