How to Improve Storage Emulator Performance

30 במאי 2012

As we all know storage emulator does not excel in its performance. One step I found helpful was to switch the default SQL Express database to SQL server. How to do that: 1. Click Start, point to All Programs, and then click Windows Azure SDK. 2. Right-click Windows Azure SDK Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. 3. In the Windows Azure SDK Command Prompt window, type the following command: DSInit /sqlInstance:<SQLServerInstance>   Where <SQLServerInstance> is the name of the SQL Server instance. You can also...
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Does a Blob Exist?

24 במאי 2012

One of the most common task relating to blobs is a simple check to verify if it exist. Unfortunately there is no method or property for CloudBlob that provides an answer. I wrote a simple extension method to do that: public static bool Exists(this CloudBlob blob) { try { ...
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Role Deployment Location on Azure

21 במאי 2012

It is important to know where exactly will your role be deployed on the production machine in Azure data center. It is also important to know where windows is installed so you can reference its tools when writing startup tasks. Well on windows Azure windows is deployed on drive D: !!! Your role will be deployed to drive E: (E:\sitesroot\  for web role and a mirror in e:\AppsRoot for all roles) you can learn about the location of your web role by simply open IIS Manager and explore to the web site of your role. ...
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Blob Parallel Upload and Download

14 במאי 2012

To gain the best performance from azure blob storage it is required to upload and download data in parallel. For very small files it is OK to use the simple blob API (UploadFile, UploadFromStream etc.) but for large chucks of data parallel upload is required. To do parallel upload we'll use a block blob when working with streaming data (such as images or movies) and use the producer consumer design pattern. One thread read the stream, create blocks and put them into a queue. A collection of other threads read blocks from the queue and upload them to...
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Hosting Classic ASP on Azure

7 במאי 2012

Is it possible to run a classic Asp site on Windows Azure? Of Course it is, Anything that runs on IIs can be hosted in Azure. So How do we do it? Create a simple asp page in notepad (e.g. using Create startup.cmd to install ASP engine start /w pkgmgr /iu:IIS-AS Create a ASP .Net Web role and modify csdef to include a startup task:...
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