Moles Fails with InteliiTrace On

26 באפריל 2012

Moles is a great infrastructure for injecting mock functions into existing code. This is of course very useful when writing unit tests. Unfortunately from version 0.93 (now we are in 0.94) moles fails when IntelliTrace is on. When running tests that uses moles and IntelliTrace is on the test will abort with the exception: host process exited with unmanaged profiler failed (-667 - 0xfffffd65) To fix this simply disable IntelliTrace (Tools|Options|IntelliTrace|Enable IntelliTrace) and run your tests. Manu
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Scale Data Applications with Sql Azure

17 באפריל 2012

When designing a data application, traditionally the bottleneck lies within the database. A traditional on-premises database does not scale very well. It is difficult to split a database between a cluster of machines so usually the database runs on the most powerful machine available which tend to be expensive. To solve the problem some data processing is moved form its natural environment (i.e. DB) to the business tier which scale much better. The business tier is easy to replicate so it can help reduce the performance bottleneck of the database. In Sql Azure things are different. Sql...
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