Azure ServiceBus Topic using REST API – Part 4

12 במרץ 2012


In the three last post's we learned how to use Azure ServiceBus REST API to send and receive messages using Topics.

The difference between Queues and Topics is the fact that with topics different customers can receive different messages according message filtering which is deployed as filtering rules on the subscription. MSDN describe the following about topics and rules:


Topics extend the messaging features provided by Queues with the addition of Publish-Subscribe capabilities.
Each Subscription can define one or multiple Rule entities. Each Rule specifies a filter expression that is used to filter messages that pass through the subscription and a filter action that can modify message properties. In particular, the SqlFilterExpression class allows you to define a SQL92-like condition on message properties:

  • OrderTotal > 5000 OR ClientPriority > 2

  • ShipDestinationCountry = ‘USA’ AND ShipDestinationState = ‘WA’

Conversely, the SqlFilterAction class can be used to modify, add or remove properties, as the filter expression is true and the message selected, using a syntax similar to that used by the SET clause of an UPDATE SQL-command.

  • SET AuditRequired = 1

  • SET Priority = 'High', Severity = 1

Each matching rule generates a separate copy of the published message, so any subscription can potentially generate more copies of the same message, one for each matching rule.

Let us learn how to Add a rule and action using the REST API.

To add a rule to a subscription we need to provide a rule description. To do that I created a rule, action and filter description classes.

Rule Description

  1. /// <summary>

  2. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  3. /// </summary>

  4. [DataContract(Name = "RuleDescription", Namespace = "")]

  5. public sealed class RuleDescription

  6. {

  7.     /// <summary>

  8.     /// The default name used in creating default rule when adding subscriptions

  9.     /// to a topic. The name is "$Default".

  10.     /// </summary>

  11.     public const string DefaultRuleName = "$Default";

  12.     public RuleDescription()

  13.         : this(new TrueFilter())

  14.     {

  15.     }

  16.     public RuleDescription(Filter filter)

  17.     {

  18.         if (filter == null)

  19.         {

  20.             throw new ArgumentNullException("filter");

  21.         }

  22.         this.Filter = filter;

  23.     }

  24.     [DataMember(Name = "Filter", IsRequired = false, Order = 1001, EmitDefaultValue = false)]

  25.     public Filter Filter { get; set; }

  26.     [DataMember(Name = "Action", IsRequired = false, Order = 1002, EmitDefaultValue = false)]

  27.     public RuleAction Action { get; set; }

  28.     public string TopicPath { getset; }

  29.     public string SubscriptionName { get; set; }

  30.     public string Name { getset; }       


  32. }

The rule description contains rule actions.

Rule actions

  1. /// <summary>

  2. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  3. /// </summary>

  4. [DataContract(Name = "RuleAction", Namespace = "")]

  5. [KnownType(typeof(EmptyRuleAction))]

  6. [KnownType(typeof(SqlRuleAction))]

  7. public abstract class RuleAction

  8. {

  9.     internal RuleAction()

  10.     {

  11.     }

  12. }

  13. /// <summary>

  14. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  15. /// </summary>

  16. [DataContract(Name = "EmptyRuleAction", Namespace = "")]

  17. public sealed class EmptyRuleAction : RuleAction

  18. {

  19. }

  20. /// <summary>

  21. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  22. /// </summary>

  23. [DataContract(Name = "SqlRuleAction", Namespace = "")]

  24. public sealed class SqlRuleAction : RuleAction

  25. {

  26.     public const int DefaultCompatibilityLevel = 20;

  27.     public SqlRuleAction(string sqlExpression)

  28.     {

  29.         if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(sqlExpression))

  30.         {

  31.             throw new ArgumentNullException("sqlExpression");

  32.         }

  33.         this.SqlExpression = sqlExpression;

  34.         this.CompatibilityLevel = DefaultCompatibilityLevel;

  35.     }

  36.     [DataMember(Order = 0x10001)]

  37.     public string SqlExpression { get; private set; }

  38.     [DataMember(Order = 0x10002)]

  39.     public int CompatibilityLevel { get; private set; }

  40. }

The rule description contains rule filters

Rule Filters

  1. /// <summary>

  2. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  3. /// </summary>

  4. [DataContract(Name = "Filter", Namespace = "")]

  5. [KnownType(typeof(SqlFilter))]

  6. [KnownType(typeof(TrueFilter))]

  7. [KnownType(typeof(FalseFilter))]

  8. [KnownType(typeof(CorrelationFilter))]

  9. public abstract class Filter

  10. {

  11.     internal Filter()

  12.     {

  13.     }

  14. }

  15. /// <summary>

  16. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  17. /// </summary>

  18. [DataContract(Name = "SqlFilter", Namespace = "")]

  19. [KnownType(typeof(TrueFilter))]

  20. [KnownType(typeof(FalseFilter))]

  21. public class SqlFilter : Filter

  22. {

  23.     public const int DefaultCompatibilityLevel = 20;

  24.     public SqlFilter(string sqlExpression)

  25.     {

  26.         if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(sqlExpression))

  27.         {

  28.             throw new ArgumentNullException("sqlExpression");

  29.         }

  30.         this.SqlExpression = sqlExpression;

  31.         this.CompatibilityLevel = DefaultCompatibilityLevel;

  32.     }

  33.     [DataMember(Order = 0x10001)]

  34.     public string SqlExpression { get; set; }

  35.     [DataMember(Order = 0x10002)]

  36.     public int CompatibilityLevel { get; set; }

  37. }

  38. /// <summary>

  39. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  40. /// </summary>

  41. [DataContract(Name = "TrueFilter", Namespace = "")]

  42. public sealed class TrueFilter : SqlFilter

  43. {

  44.     public TrueFilter()

  45.         : base("1=1")

  46.     {

  47.     }

  48. }

  49. /// <summary>

  50. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  51. /// </summary>

  52. [DataContract(Name = "FalseFilter", Namespace = "")]

  53. public sealed class FalseFilter : SqlFilter

  54. {

  55.     public FalseFilter()

  56.         : base("1=0")

  57.     {

  58.     }

  59. }

  60. /// <summary>

  61. /// Helper class to serialize a rule for a subscription

  62. /// </summary>

  63. [DataContract(Name = "CorrelationFilter", Namespace = "")]

  64. public sealed class CorrelationFilter : Filter

  65. {

  66.     public CorrelationFilter(string correlationId)

  67.     {

  68.         this.CorrelationId = correlationId;

  69.     }

  70.     [DataMember(Order = 0x10001)]

  71.     public string CorrelationId { get; private set; }

  72. }

Now we are ready to add a new rule using REST API

Add a Rule

  1. public static void CreateRule(string serviceNamespace, string topicName, string subscriptionName, RuleDescription description , string token)

  2. {            

  3.     var ruleAddress = string.Format("https://{0}{1}/subscriptions/{2}/rules/{3}", serviceNamespace, topicName, subscriptionName, description.Name);

  4.     try

  5.     {

  6.         var defautRuleAddress = string.Format("https://{0}{1}/subscriptions/{2}/rules/$Default", serviceNamespace, topicName, subscriptionName);

  7.         DeleteResource(defautRuleAddress, token);

  8.     }

  9.     catch (WebException ex)

  10.     {

  11.         //The default rule was already deleted

  12.         if (ex.Message != "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.")

  13.             throw;

  14.     }                       

  15.     WebClient webClient = new WebClient();

  16.     webClient.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Authorization] = token;

  17.     webClient.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.ContentType] = @"application/atom+xml;type=entry;charset=utf-8";

  18.     var ruleDescription = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(Serialize<RuleDescription>(description));

  19.     var putData = @"<entry xmlns=''><content type='application/xml'>" + ruleDescription  + @"</content></entry>";

  20.     webClient.UploadData(ruleAddress, "PUT", Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(putData));

  21. }

As you can see the first thing we do is delete the default rule that accepts all messages. Then we attach the serialization of our rule description to a PUT Http request we send to the URI of the new rule at:

That is it. We have a new rule on our subscription.

With that I end the Series of post about using REST API of AppFabric Topics.



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