Windows Azure Benchmarks – Part 11: Queue read latency

30 בינואר 2012

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One of the most common questions customers ask is how does windows azure perform.
Well Microsoft published a series of benchmarks in an excellent web site called azurescope.
The thing is azurescope is going down on January 15th 2012 so I decided to publish these benchmarks here and make sure they will be available to the public.

Let us discuss queue read latency.

This test measures the read latency observed from a Windows Azure worker role instance while accessing the Windows Azure Queue Service.

Key Analysis
  • The number of pre-populated items have almost no affect on the observed latencies.




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one comment

  1. Joy6 באפריל 2012 ב 12:46

    Hi, What's the tool in the picture you used, to get value of read/write latency performance?