Windows Azure–Prices are going down

13 בדצמבר 2011

Microsoft announced a price update for several Azure services. Many customers asked about the pricing policy of the new features in service bus (e.g. Queues and Topics). This announcement provide a clear answer. No more connection package. From now on a simple Time and Payload model. Reduced price for data transfers: $0.12 per GB for outbound data transfers for Zone 1 (Europe and North America) $0.19 per GB for outbound data transfers for...
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WCF Routing and Message Security

12 בדצמבר 2011

One of the most important features released in  WCF 4.0 is Routing. With WCF routing you can create a simple service that will listen to all messages and forward them to the appropriate backend service according to a specified policy. The question I want to discuss here is what happens to the security context when forwarding the message to the appropriate service. It turns out that the WCF team did not provide a very good solution here. The only use case that supports security context forwarding is message security with Windows...

TPL Dataflow Resources

8 בדצמבר 2011

"TPL Dataflow (TDF) is a new .NET library for building concurrent applications. It promotes actor/agent-oriented designs through primitives for in-process message passing, dataflow, and pipelining. TDF builds upon the APIs and scheduling infrastructure provided by the Task Parallel Library (TPL) in .NET 4, and integrates with the language support for asynchrony provided by C#, Visual Basic, and F#." If you are using the asynchronous queuing pattern within your process you want to look at this exiting framework. TPL Dataflow provides all the queuing and scheduling mechanism we had to implement manually for distributing workloads between tasks. It provides...
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Sela SDP: Advanced WCF Talk

7 בדצמבר 2011

Today I gave a talk about advanced WCF features. We spoke subjects such as: logging and monitoring, instancing and concurrency, custom behaviors and extensibility, Rest capabilities. The samples I showed can be found here. Credit must be given to my friend Ido Flatow  for creating the material. Hope you enjoyed the show… Manu
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Sela SDP: My Azure Session Summary

5 בדצמבר 2011

Today I gave a session about the windows azure platform In the session we spoke about cloud computing. What is the cloud and why we are moving towards it. We spoke about cloud economics and defined the different types of clouds. We introduced Windows Azure. We spoke about compute, storage, management and diagnostics. We introduced AppFabric. We spoke about Cache, Relay connectivity, Queues, Topics, Access Control Service, Composite apps and the App Manager. We Spoke about SQL Azure today and its future release. Hope you enjoyed the show...
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