Why Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring does not work

30 בנובמבר 2011

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I wanted to demonstrate how Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring works for WCF services, but when I called my services I did not see any recording of any WCF call. Why? 
It took me some time to find the problem. To make the story short. AppFabric monitoring relies on SQL Agent.

WCF event are written to a database that is set when we configure AppFabric Hosting Service.



This information is written to the "ApplicationServerMonitoringConnectionString" connection string in the root web.config of the server

When the system is working properly, WCF events are written to the ASStagingTable table in the monitoring database and then move into the ASWcfEvents view. For SQL Express, this will happen using the SQL Broker. For other SQL Server products, the SQL Agent is responsible for moving the events. So if you want AppFabric monitoring to work the broker must enabled for SqlExpress and the SQL Agent must be running for other SQL servers.

A found I great document for troubleshooting Windows Server AppFabric here.

Hope this helps


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one comment

  1. Jean-Paul Smit4 באוקטובר 2012 ב 13:20

    "To make the story short. AppFabric monitoring relies on SQL Agent" -> life saver!