How to Deploy Web Roles Quickly.

31 ביולי 2011

One of the most common complains about Azure roles is the time it takes to spin out a new role. When thinking about it, creating a new role has two stages: 1. Create a new VM with Windows Server 2008 installed 2. Install your application on it. The long part is the first one but the interesting part is the second. So why not spilt the two? Web-Deploy allow us to do exactly that. We create an empty web role (with the...
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SQL Management Studio Must be Updated !!!

If you are using SQL Management Studio to connect to your SQL Azure database you have to install the new version of the management studio. You can find it here. The reason is that major updates were done to the SQL Azure engine and the version number was incremented. If you do not upgrade you can expect errors in connectivity. Some of the immediate upgrades we can see is the support for co-administrator that will enable customers to specify multiple database administrators. Another important update is the support for spatial data types, that will help...
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Workflow in the Cloud

26 ביולי 2011

One of the major missing parts in windows azure was the support for workflow. You could install a workflow on a web role but when multiple instances of the web role try to persist and load the same workflow instance an exception is thrown. Workflow was designed to run by a single host that persist its state to a single database. This concept does not fit to the cloud that uses multiple computing instances by design. Azure AppFabric provides the solution. A whole new host was developed especially for the cloud. We as developers do not have to...
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