Windows Azure AppFabric – Next-generation cloud middleware platform

9 ביוני 2011

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Building, deploying and managing composite applications is a complex challenge. Such applications involve a large number of middleware infrastructures, each with its own configuration, management and development tools, runtime, and programming models. Developers as well as IT professionals have to put all the pieces together before the application can run.

Windows Azure AppFabric provides the infrastructure and tools to unify these pieces so developers can build the application in a consistent way and IT professionals can deploy and management it as one.


AppFabric Developer Tools

AppFabric provides a set of tools that simplify the building of integrated, distributed applications in a way that is consistent with what you do today. Developer tools are integrated into Visual Studio and provide a simple discovery mechanism that analyzes all the application's components, dependencies, and capabilities. The guiding principle behind AppFabric developer tools is to give the developer a consistent experience across all technologies and frameworks. The tools provide a rich visualization of the dependencies between artifacts and allow zooming in and out or change the point of reference to present the right view for the developer. With a local simulation environment, the developer can debug the application on top of the Windows Azure Development Fabric.

Composition Models

The composition models provide a single, consistent view of the application across all tiers. This model is leveraged throughout the life cycle of the application. It is used to deploy, manage. and troubleshoot the application and provides an abstraction that simplifies development and testing. The model describes the elements that compose the application and the relationships between them. It captures the richness and metadata required to present the application on development time as well as deploy, run, and manage it in production.


AppFabric App Manager

Management of rich. composite applications with numerous middleware artifacts can be a challenging task. AppFabric App Manager was designed to allow a common management experience across all tiers and infrastructures.

With AppFabric App Manager, you can deploy, configure, and manage your application from end to end. AppFabric App Manager translates the composition model into a deployment plan that enables it to provision your application as one. Layered on top of the Windows Azure infrastructure, AppFabric App Manager enables an elastic scale and guarantees Isolation and security. The AppFabric App Manager provides a simple-to-use management portal but also exposes a REST API. In the portal you can see a rich set of information on the behavior and performance of various components. You can use it to configure the different artifacts that compose your application. AppFabric App Manager follows the SLA-driven management principle. You tell AppFabric how the components should perform, and AppFabric will provision the infrastructure required.

AppFabric Services

These services provide building blocks that simplify the creation of composite, scalable, and multi-tenant applications in the cloud. Using AppFabric services allows you to concentrate on your business instead of developing custom infrastructure.

Access Control Service

·         Allows for a federated identity and authorization infrastructure.

·         Integrates identity providers such as Live ID, Facebook, Google, and corporate ADFS.

·         Provides applications with a secure token that contains all the information they need about the user.

Service Bus

·         Messaging and relay infrastructure that allows you to interconnect sites and services across networks.

·         Provides naming & discovery, NAT & firewall traversal, full publish-subscribe capabilities, and a sophisticated queuing system.  


·         Distributed in-memory cache allowing you to implement a caching layer that will improve your application's scalability and performance.


·         Integrates existing LOB applications using BizTalk capabilities such as pipeline, transforms, and adapters.

·         Provides higher level business user enablement capabilities, such as Business Activity Monitoring and Rules.

Custom code

·         Runs WCF and WF services in the cloud.

AppFabric Container

Building a scalable Multi-Tenant and efficient hosts is one of the core challenges of running a distributed application. AppFabric releases you from taking care of these details. AppFabric Container is the platform that hosts and runs AppFabric's services as well your own. It abstracts the Windows Azure infrastructure and simplifies the provisioning of the hosting environment. The AppFabric Container provides you with a multi-tenant, elastic, horizontal-scale, and high-performance runtime.


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