How to reduce the risk in developing applications in Windows Azure

24 באפריל 2011

Windows Azure is a new platform. Thus many decision makers think that developing application on Windows Azure is too risky. In this post I would like to challenge that. Windows Azure is an operating for the cloud. It means that Windows Azure deals with abstracting the cloud to your application and storing data in Microsoft's data centers. It has nothing to do with the application itself. From the application point of view I would like to argue that the application should never know on which platform it is being hosted and who exactly stores its data. I love Domain Driven Design (DDD)....
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Bookmark with Timeout

12 באפריל 2011

Bookmark is a simple mechanism for asynchronous triggering provided by Workflow 4.0. In a NativeActivity we create a bookmark and wait.  In the host (WorkflowApplication) we resume the bookmark and continue execution. I think that the mechanism is too simple. For example: What about timeouts? Well it is impossible to set a timeout and limit the time the workflow will wait on the bookmark. I found a solution by creation a custom activity which wraps the activity that owns the bookmark and use a Pick activity to implement the timeout. Here is the code: ...
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Azure Privacy

4 באפריל 2011

Since the launch of the Microsoft Network (MSN) in 1995, Microsoft has built and hosted a wide variety of services: Familiar consumer-oriented services such as the Windows Live Hotmail web-based email service and the Bing search engine Enterprise-oriented services such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online business software and the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite from Microsoft Online Services Many behind-the-scenes services that handle online billing and advertising functions for Microsoft customers. Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) provides the cloud infrastructure for these...
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How To Fix WIF Visual Studio 2010 Add-In

3 באפריל 2011

I upgraded my Visual Studio 2010 and installed the new SP1, but then I found that "Add STS Reference" is gone. The add-in is in place but it does not work. It took me some time to find the solution: Run the command: devenv /ResetAddin Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tools.VS.VSAddin.FederationAddin Now everything is back to normal. Hope this will help. Manu
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Enable VM Role in Visual Studio

1 באפריל 2011

VM role is currently in CTP. To enable it you should join the beta program through the portal. It takes about a week to be excepted. One extra is still required: If you have not installed the latest version of the Windows Azure Tools (which includes the SDK), please install it from here. After you have installed the Windows Azure Tools, please run this additional script to enable the VM Role features in the Visual Studio development environment: 32-bit or 64-bit. A mail with all those these instructions is sent to...
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