The Nature of Windows Azure Diagnostics

30 במרץ 2011

Traditional applications runs on a single server and auditing concerns a single machine. (i.e. one OS the monitor etc.) Logging infrastructure often produce a log file which is written to that same machine. In the cloud things are different. Application running runs on a grid of machines. Every Windows Azure role has many instances. Each machine can continue to log its state like in the traditional case but to see the whole picture all the information from all the machines must be collected. This can be quite tedious. This is were Windows Azure Diagnostics...
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Claim Based Identity Tutorial

8 במרץ 2011

Claim based identity is the future of identity management. It is simple, powerful and extensible but the most important reason to use it is the fact that it delegates identity management out of the application. WIF is Microsoft's infrastructure for using Claim Based Identity. (Similar to what is WCF for networking) Recently an excellent Training Kit was released about WIF and the integration of WIF with AppFabric Azure ACS. I strongly recommend to download read and learn. Manu
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