Parallel Programming Patterns

12 בספטמבר 2010

Parallel programming is one of the most important subjects that a modern developer should be familiar with. As you all know .Net framework provides the "Parallel Extensions for .Net". I came across I great article called: Patterns for Parallel Programming: Understanding and Applying Parallel Patterns with the .NET Framework 4 which provides deep understanding about parallel programming in the .Net Framework 4.0. Go read and enjoy. Manu
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AppFabric Azure Access Control New Features

7 בספטמבר 2010

AppFabric Azure Access control service was released with  very small set of features which were mainly targeted to REST web services. Now the ACS comes in a new version with a much larger set of features and capabilities. Integrates with Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) and tooling Out-of-the-box support for popular web identity providers including:      Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook Out-of-the-box support for Active Directory Federation Server v2.0 ...
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CacheMetadata in Flowchart activities

I was building some custom activities which use dynamic arguments. Dynamic arguments are created on runtime based on the values of some of the activities properties. The code that creates the arguments is called by visual studio designer and it is written in the activity's CacheMetadata(NativeActivityMetadata metadata) method as well as in the activity designer code-behind. When I used my custom activities inside a sequence workflow everything worked great but when I used them in a flowchart workflow dynamic arguments where not created. I started to debug this and found out that in a flowchart workflow...
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