Migrating ASP.Net Membership Provider to Windows Azure

30 במאי 2010

Many ASP.Net applications uses membership and role providers to manage identities, profiles, and permissions. Membership and role providers are based on a specific schema deployed to the local database instance. The ASP team released a tool to create the required tables called regsql.exe. The tool will fail create the tables when using SQL Azure. The solution is to download the scripts especially modified to run on SQL Azure and execute them manually. A knowledgebase describing the process is found here. Manu
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Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Introduction

23 במאי 2010

As you might have known The Windows Azure Access Control Services where completely changed in the RTM release. No more portal management. Rules are created using tools like ACM.exe which actually calls a set of web services. No more Federation Bindings. Tokens are acquired and validated manually. I found a very good introductory of the new access control service which I recommend to read. The new Azure AppFabric SDK provides few simple samples  and a nice WPF tool for access rules management. I did not find yet...
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Azure support for .Net 4.0

13 במאי 2010

Today Azure supports only .Net framework 3.5. Many people were surprised when VS2010 was released that Azure projects are still compiled as framework 3.5 projects. Well things are going to change. The windows azure team posed about the upcoming support in windows Azure for .NET Framework 4. Read and enjoy. Manu
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How to debug WF 4.0 designers

12 במאי 2010

In WF 4.0 writing custom activities is much more exciting than it was with WF 3.5. The combination of WF and WPF provides power and freedom to create user friendly activities. Now more then ever the designer is an important part of the activity development. The designer is actually a WPF control, The class Microsoft.Windows.Design.Model.ModelItem provides the linkage between WF and WPF. As we all know with WPF it is easy to create amazing UI (in out case activities designers) so it is no surprise that there are many scenarios where most of the development effort...
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AppFabric Beta 2 for Visual Studio RTM

2 במאי 2010

Two weeks ago I posted that the current download of Appfabric does not work with VS RTM, well the guys at Microsoft heard the feedback from the community and released a Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 Refresh that works with VS RTM. Anyway On May 20th Windows Server AppFabric and BizTalk Server 2010 will be launched… The launch will be broadcasted at The Application Infrastructure Virtual Launch Event The program of the event can be found here. Manu
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Live Mesh is alive

Live mesh was one of the most exciting technologies mentioned with the Azure platform. The synchronization between people software devices and data was a promising idea. The problem was that suddenly people in Microsoft stopped talking about it. The blog was idled and no new information was released. I personally was deeply concerned that this exciting new technology will be thrown away like many other good technologies… Well I am happy to announce that Live Mesh is alive. It was renamed to "Windows Live Sync". LiveSide posted a bunch of new screen shots and...
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