WCF thread affinity and synchronization.

23 בנובמבר 2009

WCF does not promise thread affinity. This means that WCF does not promise that the thread that started the service operation execution will be the one who will finish the execution.  In case the operation waits on some wait handle (wait for IO or DB for example) the thread might return to the thread pool and when execution should resume another thread might do the work. public class MyService : IContract {     public static object...

WF 3.5 Debugging dynamic workflows

17 בנובמבר 2009

One of the problems with WF 3.5 is the debugging experience. One of my customers complained that he could not put a break point on an activity in a workflow that was dynamically loaded to the runtime. I checked and found out that it is simply not supported. It is impossible to break on a workflow when it is dynamically loaded unless the breakpoint is put in the workflow code. The problem is that usually the workflow has no code. It is made of pre created activities. Only when code activity is used or handlers...
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Native web services – WCF interoperability with native code

2 בנובמבר 2009

There was a lot of effort to make WCF interoperable with almost every web service technology out there… But what about native code? How can native code call a WCF service? How can native code be exposed as a web service? Well you could always wrap native code with managed code but this introduced too many introp calls which degrades performance. You could also program against TCP sockets but manually implementing WS* is a nightmare. Windows 7 brings an answer: wssapi – Windows Web Service API. with wssapi you can easily create a native proxy...
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Dublin Timeframe

1 בנובמבר 2009

Windows Server "Dublin" is a collection of enhanced capabilities added to the Windows server platform which will expand and take Internet Information Services (IIS) to the next level. The end purpose of the improvements planned for the Windows Application Server is to permit developers to handle composite applications in a much simpler way than they can today. Dublin will allow simple Yet powerful WF and WCF hosting. Dublin includes a set of advanced logging and monitoring capabilities that will enable easy management of large sets of services and WF instances. A First look an Dublin can...
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