Flat WSDL for WCF services

In my last post I motioned that working with more than one XML namespace will cause problems when a flat WSDL is a requirement. I was asked many questions about flat WSDL so I would like to explain here about creating flat WSDL for WCF services. As you have all seen the WSDL created by WCF is very different than the WSDL asmx web services used to expose. The content is similar but the structure is different. WCF uses references to other links (for example the XSDs are found using the reference : <xsd:import schemaLocation="http://localhost:8080/?xsd=xsd0 ... There...
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Practical Application Security

9 באוגוסט 2009

Application Security is a problematic subject. It is a non functional requirement so it cannot be presented to a customer and it is expensive. The management feels that money is being spent without tangible results and the developers feel that security is a pain so they will do anything to avoid it. When being asked "what is application security?" so many different answers are given … So how can application security be implemented? In this article I will show how the broad concept of application security can be translated into simple tangible tasks. Application security...
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