The Story of WCF invocation on IIS

11 באפריל 2008

  The story starts just after the request has been dispatched to the worker process, but before pretty much anything else has run. We now join the following thought process already in progress:   ...We have a piece of infrastructure (an HttpModule for the HTTP case, a new thing called a ProtocolHandler for the non-HTTP case in WAS) that receives Indigo requests and stuffs them into a holding area while the transport stack comes up. The magic API is ServiceHostingEnvironment.EnsureServiceAvailable( string virtualPath ), which is what eventually calls ServiceHost.Open(). The logic for ESA does the following:   1) First, look up the virtual path...

Extend ServiceHost on IIS Hosting Scenarios.

Extend ServiceHost on IIS Hosting Scenarios.   The motivation for API’s that I’m going to talk about in this post stems from the fact that the standard API for hosting services in WCF (System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost) is a first-class extensibility point in the WCF architecture. We expect that lots of folks will derive their own host classes from ServiceHost, usually with the intent of overriding ServiceHost.OnOpening in order to do interesting things with the ServiceDescription (e.g. adding default endpoints imperatively, or twiddling knobs on Behaviors) prior to  opening the service.   In the self-host world, you can get away without creating a custom ServiceHost...
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Creating X.509 Certificates using makecert.exe

8 באפריל 2008

  Creating x.509  certificates is a very common task. Unfortunately the knowledge how to do it is quite rare. If you want a certificate that the whole world would trust you need to buy one, but if you need it for your own use you can create it using a tool called MakeCert.exe After downloading the tool you have to perform the following procedure: Creating a Root Certificate Authority makecert.exe -n "CN=My Root CA,O=Organization,OU=Org Unit,L=San Diego,S=CA,C=US" -pe -ss my -sr LocalMachine -sky exchange -m 96 -a sha1 -len 2048 -r My_Root_CA.cer Import Root Certificate Authority Certificate into Trusted Root Store certutil.exe -f -addstore Root...