Spliting WCF config files

6 במרץ 2008

ConfigSource attribute on system.serviceModel section The configSource attribute was firstly introduced in .NET framework 2.0 to support external configuration files. This attribute can be added to any configuration section to specify a an external file for that section. Using an external configuration source can be useful in many scenarios. For instance, you could place a section into an external configSource if you need an easy method to swap settings for the section depending on the environment (development, test, or production), or  you need granular control over permissions. Unfortunately, the system.serviceModel section group does not support this attribute. If you try to add it, you will receive the following...
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Increase the numbers of threads in the Threat Pool

5 במרץ 2008

  If you have used the ThreadPool in .NET 1.x, you know that the threadpool defaults to ( 25 * number of processors ) threads per process.  It can be changed, but it is kinda complicated to track down how to change this.  Well, MS has made changing the threadpool to make this easily changeable.  Here is some example code:ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads(out iMaxThrds, out iThrdCompletionPT);  ThreadPool.SetMaxThreads(Environment.ProcessorCount * 50, iThrdCompletionPT); ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads(out iMaxThrds, out iThrdCompletionPT); For .Net 2.0 / 3.0  The first time that ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads is called, the value I recieved is 25, which is what I would expect from a system with 1 cpu. ...
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Promos for the TechEd in Eilat

3 במרץ 2008

You can listen today to the best promos of the best session of TechEd 2008 Alon Fliss - From ORPC to Services Sasha _ Next Generation Production Debugging Sasha Again - What can visual studio do for you Manu (Myself) - Odysea to SOA Tomer - Data Binding in WPF Noam King - Sexy Web Development with ASP.Net MVC and Dynamic Data Controls   Enjoy Manu
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Threat Modeling summary

1 במרץ 2008

Threat modeling is the heart of any application securuty design. I am often being asked about threat modeling so I wanted to write about it: Enjoy:    Threat Modeling Goal: Describe what  is threat modeling, and how it should be implemented. Terms: Attacker - Someone who could do harm to a system Threat - An attacker goal Vulnerability - A flaw in the system that could help an attacker realize a threat Mitigation - Something to do to protect against a threat. Attack - The process in which attackers takes advantage of a vulnerability Asset - Something of value to valid users vendors and attackers   Background: Application security is...
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