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22 בפברואר 2008

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SOA is an enabler for faster process change,

greater business insight and competitive advantage,

and the creation of a new generation of dynamic applications

The question is how to implement the SOA promise.

SOA has a price. When implementing SOA based solutions many challenges must be faced.

It turns out that a lot infrastructure and architectural wisdom is needed to make the
SOA promise a come true.


Using a real life scenario we will define the SOA promise and introduce
various types of infrastructure that helps us implement different
aspects the architecture


We will understand the scope of each infrastructure, and learn how to choose
the right one for us.


In this talk we will describe the infrastructure needs of different kinds of organizations, from simple to very large scale organizations.

We will cover Connectivity, Modeling and workflows, Service Bus (enterprise and internet scopes), S+S, Human interaction and Service Governance and understand how all these fit together.


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one comment

  1. Adlai Maschiach22 בפברואר 2008 ב 22:03

    היי , מגניב ( הסרט )
    אבל בעית buffer "עצבנית"