Hosting WCF: IIS or Windows service

24 בפברואר 2008

I have been asked many times by customers how to choose a WCF host. IIS or self host?(A self host is usually implemented as  a windows service) So first we have to understand that we are in the Http world because IIS is not playing in the game of other transports (excluding SMTP). IIS has a very special life model. IIS was designed for hosting many stateless applications.  If an application hosted by IIS is not called for x minutes (20 by default) it will be recycled. Resource recycling is important when you host many applications but If your application holds state this...
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Serializable Dictionary

23 בפברואר 2008

Serializable Dictionary I wanted to use a dictionary<T>  to create a MSMQ message but I found that a dictionary is not serializable. I spoke to a good friend “Adar Wesley” and he gave me the code of a Serializable Dictionary<T> he wrote. So here it is. Enjoy. Download: SerializableDictionary  
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Come to my talk at Tech-Ed 2008 Eilat

22 בפברואר 2008

SOA is an enabler for faster process change, greater business insight and competitive advantage, and the creation of a new generation of dynamic applications The question is how to implement the SOA promise. SOA has a price. When implementing SOA based solutions many challenges must be faced. It turns out that a lot infrastructure and architectural wisdom is needed to make theSOA promise a come true.  Using a real life scenario we will define the SOA promise and introducevarious types of infrastructure that helps us implement differentaspects the architecture  We will understand the scope of each infrastructure, and learn how to choose the...
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