WF and Silver / WCF 3.5 examples

20 באוקטובר 2007

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 WF and Silver / WCF 3.5  examples I wanted to play around a bit with WF and WCF in framework 3.5 (silver) and installed VS 2008 Beta2.I found samples for CTP version, but they did not run as a lot has changed from the CTP to the current Beta 2. I wanted to explore those changes and thus I manually maid the CTP version compile on VS Beta2.I wanted to explore the context that WCF and WF share so I worked with the SequentialWorkflowService sample.

It did not run. I Got the following exception:

 WorkflowTerminated: There is no context attached to incoming message for the Service and the current operation is not marked with "CanCreateInstance = true".In order to communicate with this service check whether the incoming binding
supports the context protocol and has a valid context initialized.

I tried to write my own example and got the same exception.

It took me a long time to find he samples Microsoft published for beta 2. Here is the link : WCF_WF_CardSpace_Orcas_Beta2_Samples When I run the sample here it worked! It took me a long time to find what caused my sample to fail and the Beta2 sample to work and here is the explanation: When writing a WF client to a silver service – make sure that in the send activity (the client) the Channel token "name" and the channel token "endpointName" hold the same value. Hope this will help you as this fact is not documented.  Manu cohen-yashar

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