Decurate Windows Vista UAC aware application with Elevated Shield Icon

20 ביוני 2007

User Access Control Winforms Shield Before reading this post make sure you understand UAC. You can read about UAC at: When deploying enterprise applications and desktop systems, information technology (IT) administrators are often presented with the challenge of maintaining computer security while still enabling business productivity (usability) – traditionally two opposing forces. If systems and users were deployed in highly secure locked-down states, productivity would typically suffer because applications would cease to function properly in the absence of administrative privileges. In the other direction, if administrators opted for higher usability by granting end-users administrative privileges, systems became highly exposed to the effects...
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Data Patterns

7 ביוני 2007

The purpose of this post is to help you to find the right pattern for you data handling. Data Personality are qualities we decide our data has, which means we assume assumption on our data that will lead us to the correct pattern. To understand the “data Personality” we should ask several questions: The Questions can be put into 3 Groups: 1. The Database Sharing: A. Is it a Private Database? - “My Database”Only one application can access that data. B. Is it a Shared Database? - “My Shared Database”Many users can access this data concurrently C. Is it a...
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The truth about XML performance

6 ביוני 2007

The truth about XML performance   WS * Standards are all based on top of XML. When people who care about performance hear this they go crazy. They say that XML is not efficient. The problem is that they do not understand exactly what XML really is. The Definition of XML is “A standard for information representation using the hierarchic model” This “hierarchic model” is a tree of nodes called: “XML Infoset”   It is true that in most cases this tree is expressed in text. This is the source of the misconception about XML. The fact people do not know is that the XML...
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