Remoting is still alive

31 במאי 2007

Remoting is still alive Many people think and say that Remoting is dead. They say that “strong binding” is the way of the past. This is not true!!! SOA is a great thing, loose binding is the way to achieve friction free interaction between systems but it comes with a price, and the price tag is something to take into consideration. With Remoting and strong binding we could pass objects by reference between processes. This capability is extremely powerful and should not be thrown away just because SOA is “IN” and Remoting is “OUT” today. When Interaction between systems is what you need use...
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Asynchronous Messaging Pattern

The Idea behind this pattern is that most problems can be solved using a collection of  services that send messages to each other in an asynchronous manner. Think of your team at work. You solve problems together but your collaboration and  communication is based on asynchronous messaging. You rarely ask someone to do  a certain task and then stand next to him and wait. You send a message (mostly by mail)  and then you know that in some time the job will be done. You continue to work. This is Asynchronous Messaging! In this pattern there are number of services that sends messages...
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