HDInsight (Azure Hadoop) JSON Hive files – Tables setup

Monday, October 5, 2015

On my previous post HDInsight (Azure Hadoop) JSON Hive files – Environment setup, we focused on the Environment when it's one side of the solution when the other side is use it with the Echo-System. The basic Echo-System design The main idea is that we might have several endpoints (component types) which can write different JSON files to a Blob Storage, when the HDInsight will point to this B-Storage to query it by the relevant tables by the relevant files. (the design is not limited to JSON format files, but to all formats). How to query the HDInsight - Hive Cluster The good news...

HDInsight (Azure Hadoop) JSON Hive files – Environment setup

Sunday, October 4, 2015

When I was asked to design an Echo system base Microsoft Azure Cloud system, I understand that I have challenge to stop thinking IAAS and start doing PAAS. For sure that my first question was why? and my second question (after a little thinking was) why not? I need minimal DevOps support. I need minimal tech support for my system. I need to pay only for what I'm using. I can scale when I need. And ... (I believe you can rise one or more things). The question on using PAAS is not only "Are they ready?" it's also "Are you (as a software architect...
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