My journey: Dockerized Java on Apache Mesos Container cluster on Azure – Setup a Docker (Part I)

August 26, 2016

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On the previous post we declared our goal and solution.

As we start some account should be created.

  1. Docker account on the Docker Hub portal
  2. Git or Bitbucket account, which required when using automated build Docker

Create Docker Hub account

Open the Docker Hub web site and subscribe for a new account.

After the subscription and login you’ll navigated to your Dashboard (at start empty). on the top left menu press the Explore link – this will used us later as a base for our Docker.


The other thing that we need to set up is the source control provider. It’s only required when using automated build Docker.

Press the Create Automated Build linked, after it the Link Accounts button.

Create & Manage Git Account

I believe that must of you have one of the source-controls Git / Bitbucket providers. In this post I will show how to use the Git source-control.

If you don’t have an  account please open and create repository, each repository dedicate to a single Docker (I named it Docker_Java_App). Inside the Git repository press on the Settings link.

After it press on the Webhooks & services link, scroll to the Services section  and search for the Docker service and install it.


Now the Git repository can contain the automated build Docker.

Go back to the Docker hut website and verify that the Docker have access to the Git. The Git website will open and permission request will ask to link them together.


Authorize it and navigate back to the Docker Hub website. Under your account name (top right) can can navigate to the account setting once again. Press the Settings link  and than press the Linked Accounts & Services link from the menu.


After the link completed the page should look like…


Create Automated Build Docker

Now that all  infrastructure setup, we can create the Automated Build Docker.  Press the Created Automated Build link from the Create menu, than press on the Git Repository.


Select the Repository instance which you created earlier on the Git source-control. In our case the Docker_Java_Docker repository.


Fill the Repository card and press the Create button.


Now we have the skeleton of the Docker.

On the next post we will see how to create the Docker – Code side publish it to the Repository.

My journey: Dockerized Java on Apache Mesos Container cluster on Azure – Setup a Docker (Part II)

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