My journey: Dockerized Java on Apache Mesos Container cluster on Azure – Setup a Docker (Part I)

August 26, 2016

On the previous post we declared our goal and solution. As we start some account should be created. Docker account on the Docker Hub portal Git or Bitbucket account, which required when using automated build Docker Create Docker Hub account Open the Docker Hub web site and subscribe for a new account. After the subscription and login you'll navigated to your Dashboard (at start empty). on the top left menu press the Explore link - this will used us later as a base for our Docker. The other thing that we need to set up is the source control provider. It's only required when using automated...
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My journey: Dockerized Java on Apache Mesos Container cluster on Azure.

I want to start this journey from the basic. Although I'm pretty sure that Docker software solution are known knowledge, the all pack should cover it all. So, what we talking about it to take an exiting solution provided by Docker Hub and second solution provided by Apache Mesos and set it on a 3rd IaaS cluster solution stored on Azure. The main idea is to do it well and not step on each other toes. The project System Architecture. The project will contain the next layers: The Azure Cluster which contains the Mesos cluster. This part will be an IaaS solution...
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