Ruby on Rails and Heroku – Love from first "site"

April 2, 2012


Ruby on Rails and Heroku is a great match! Heroku is a great platform for any startup that wants to develop fast and without spending a lot money

Heroku is a platform that allows you to think about servers as a service.

I am using Heroku with Rails (and Node.js) for a long time. But in my current startup the only servers that we have (so far) are on Heroku. It is much more easy that you don’t need to think about your servers. I got much more time to handle the important stuff. It is so easy and simple that each developer can create his own server, qa servers, staging server and the production server

Heroku currently supports: Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python and Scala. If you are looking for .NET solution you should look at ย AppHarbor – it is the same solution for .NET applications, I personally didn’t use it – so use it on you own risk ๐Ÿ™‚

Some few great thing about heroku is:

1. It is free! (if you don’t expect a lot of traffic)

2. it is easy. All you need to do in order to deploy to a server is:

  • $ heroku create
  • $ git push heroku master

3. It is fun! every time that you create a server you get a funny name for example:

  • afternoon-waterfall
  • deep-mist
  • empty-mist
  • empty-sunrise
  • furious-fog
  • gentle-leaf
  • morning-planet

and much more names funny names, yes you can change it by running “heroku rename”


Even if you don’t need heroku now you should play a bit with it

Keep Writing, Compiling, and Debugging

Alon Nativ

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