Create customize url with MVC

February 21, 2011

Hi, I wanted to create an application that will allow users to pick there own urls just like twitter ( It seems that there is a very simple way for doing it using MVC. I saw many solution to this problem that catch the 404 and handle it. I personally didn’t like that solution it was too complicated and had many small issues that you need to solve. Here is the sample controller that handle the custom urls: public class UsersController : Controller ...

Creating windows service using Topshelf

February 1, 2011

Hi, I am creating windows services using Topshelf for a while and I forget how “hard” (not that hard but harder) it was to create a windows service without Topshelf. Topshelf is a lightweight framework for building Windows services using the .NET framework. The idea is to create a console application and “publishing” it as a service with command line. No more dedicated window service project and an installer. So, how does it work? here is a simple example: 1. Create new “console application” 2. Create your service class ...
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