Customize JQuery Autocomplete

June 10, 2012

A few month ago I wrote a post about “Search Facebook Friends With Jquery Autocomplete”. The problem that after a while it become not relevant due to the changes in the jquery autocomplete API. Due to many requests that I got (in comments,emails, facebook, twitter) I decided to update it. So here we go...Before I start I have to admit that I don’t like the new API it is too hacky to make a custom autocomplete and it is not documented!.Before we implements "Search Facebook Friends With jQuery" we need to look at the jQuery autocomplete source code,
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Ruby on Rails and Heroku – Love from first "site"

April 2, 2012

Ruby on Rails and Heroku is a great match! Heroku is a great platform for any startup that wants to develop fast and without spending a lot money Heroku is a platform that allows you to think about servers as a service. I am using Heroku with Rails (and Node.js) for a long time. But in my current startup the only servers that we have (so far) are on Heroku. It is much more easy that you don't need to think about your servers. I got much more time to handle the important stuff. It is so easy and simple that...

End of an Era

March 6, 2012

Well this is an end of an era for me... I left Conduit and starting my own startup. There are few major changes in this event 1. I am starting my own company :) 2. I decided to buy a mac. Yes yes I know that you can't develop with .Net on a mac. After a long journey with .NET (since .NET 1.1) I have decided to leave it and write with Ruby on Rails. In the past few month I was using both .NET & Ruby and even though I am (or was) a big .NET fan I must say that my...
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Enable cross origin request with ASP.NET MVC

October 5, 2011

As you know you can’t make an Ajax cross domain request. The browser block this kind of requests. To enable Cross-Origin Requests (CORS) you need to add some headers to the server response: “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” and “Access-Control-Allow-Methods”. So I made a MVC filter that will allow cross domain calls: public class AllowCrossDomain : ActionFilterAttribute { public const string AllDomains = "*";   private readonly string _allowMethods; ...
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Get Detailed Notification From Facebook API

August 8, 2011

Recently I was asked question how to get the image or the comment when using Facebook FQL API to get notification. It is very easy to make an application that will show the basic notification like that looks like: “David has comment on your link” “James liked your photo” You can see more samples at this link: Well there is no documentation of how to do it (and there is not even a clean way to do it) there is no column that points the the original link\image\comment. So… do we...
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ASP.NET MVC ImagePixel ActionResult

July 10, 2011

Just wanted to create a web logger in MVC. The idea is the same as Google analytics that a client will send data from the "client side" to the server. The server will save the data and return “Image Pixel” just like any other normal web logger. In order to do that I have created an ImagePixel ActionResult. The server logger method will look something like that: public ActionResult Logger(string trackingData) { Log(trackingData); ...
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Google +1

June 2, 2011

Just added Google +1 to my blog. The +1 is the Google "like" button. It should help Google to find what kind of pages people are interested in and improve the search experience.   In order the add the +1 button go to the documentation add to your page: <!-- Place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag --><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><!-- Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render --><g:plusone></g:plusone> In some pages (this blog platform for example) you can’t add this code so you must use...
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Search Facebook Friends With Jquery Autocomplete

May 30, 2011

Just made a small autocomplete textbox that search a user friends from Facebook. it is a pretty simple implementation that allow the user to search for his friends. In order to use it you will need to get a valid access_token from Facebook (but you can read more in how to use the Facebook graph API at – or get a sample one). There are a few tricks in the implantation Use dataType: ‘jsonp’ – undocumented option that allow us to use jsonp instead of json Use Facebook...

The King is dead. Long live the King

May 16, 2011

A few weeks ago redgate announced that the lovely .NET reflector  is going to cost money, that was a very sad news for every .NET developer out there. But the good news are that a few days after JetBrains announced that they are releasing there own reflector called dotPeek. I personally hate the name but It is a great tool! Much faster great UI and the best thing it has all of the ReSharper shortcuts! So even if you decided to pay for the .NET reflector I think that you should throw it away and start...