Windows 8 With Windows Media Center

Saturday, August 25, 2012

If you know me, you must know that I am a Windows Media Center centric guy. I have WMC machine in the living room, in the kitchen, in any of my children’s computer in their rooms and in my bed room. We watch TVs using the Media Center. I was one of the WMC evangelist when Microsoft embed the Media Center as part of Windows Vista (On Windows XP, you had to install a specific Windows XP Media Center edition). Yes, originally Microsoft wanted to build an echo system around Media Center with add-ons and 3rd party content providers....

Atom Based Computer with Windows 7 Runs My Home Automation Server

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I own a Dual CPU Pentium III computer. This machine is 10 years old. I used to take it to companies back in the beginning of the millennium to teach about multi CPU programming. I have also developed and tested device drivers on it. around 2004 I began to use it as a gateway to my home automation system. It runs Windows XP with all my home automation related applications and code that I have developed. The machine became very noisy, I have replaced all the fans and put some oil but still the decibel level is too high....

WebGuide in action

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am on my way to the MVP Summit. I had to spend couple of hours In a connection at Schiphol (Amsterdam). For 6 Euro (At the Ben-Gurion airport wireless is free...) and a WebGuide on my Media Center back at home I could use my IMate to watch Survival.  

Teched Eilat – Summary & Thoughts

Thursday, April 10, 2008

TechEd Eilat is over. I am sitting at the train station at Ben-Gurion Airport, there is a wireless connection and not less important an electricity outlet (those who know me, know that my laptop needs a power plant). I have many good things to tell about the TechEd and some not so good. It was fun as always, as opposed to Tamir, I know that most of the lecturers invested so much time in their preparations. I am happy that all the lecturers from Sela did a great job and that the feedbacks that we get from people...

Media Center SDK 5.3 – XBAP is no longer supported

Saturday, December 15, 2007

There are few new features and tools such as better tools and documentation for animations, and new Visual studio 2008 templates. However the big news to my opinion is that SDK 5.3 made XBAP hosting deprecated. I tried to find why? And what does it mean?  In the documentations, they delete anything regarding WPF (for example they now compare only two technology choices - HTML & MCML). In the template, there is no XBAP template. I wonder if old XBAP application still gets compiled with the new SDK. There are only speculations about why they did that, such as...

Media Center & Windows Home Server Users Please Notice

Saturday, December 8, 2007

To save space in the backup database on your home server, recorded TV shows on Windows Media Center are not backed up from a home computer to your home server. If you want to have a backup copy of your recorded TV shows, you should synchronize the Recorded TV folder from your computer running Windows Media Center to a shared folder on your home server. Be aware that if you do backup your media center machines; you will probably need lots of disk space in the server, since the server keeps old backups and recorded TV probably holds new content every day....
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TechEd 2007 Europe is Over

Friday, November 9, 2007

So, another TechEd is over. Last TechEd I worked in the "Ask the Expert" booth, this TechEd I gave a lecture on developing for the Vista Media Center. The lecture was in the first day, so after that I have the time to go to sessions and most important to meet people. My session score was not high, but since it was my first lecture in TechEd Europe, it is O.K. Most of the comments that I have got were about dissatisfaction about issues in the Media Center SDK and tools, such as no tool such as Expression for Media Center....
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TechEd Developers 2007 – Complementary information for my lecture delegates

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thank you for coming to my Media Center for Developers lecture. I hope that now you have a better understanding of the Media Center platform and its SDK. As I promised here are some links that you have asked for:   Windows Media Center SDK Download: Visual Studio 2008 Media Center Project Templates:   Information about some of the new Vista Media Center Extenders:    
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My Media Center Lecture at Tech-Ed 2007 in Barcelona

Thursday, November 1, 2007

If you are coming to Tech-Ed Barcelona and you wonder what to do in the first day at 16:00, then don't. Come to hear my lecture about Media Center development. I will show you what Media Center is and you'll understand why you should create a Media Center Client to your application or Web site. Then I will present the various ways to create Media Center Applications. If you are familiar with MCE development then this lecture is probably not for you. See you.

בעיות בהגדרת האון-ליין מדיה במדיה סנטר

Sunday, June 24, 2007

אני רואה לא מעט מחשבים עם מדיה סנטר שרואים את אתר ה - Online האמריקאי או לא רואים אתרי און-ליין בכלל בעוד הם רוצים לראות את האתרים הישראלים. (צחי אפילו הציע 100 שקל למי שפותר לו את הבעיה :) אצלי המכונה בסלון מותקנת עם ויסטה בעברית ואכן אתרי האון-ליין הם ישראלים. במחשב שלי במשרד התופעה מעניינת יותר כי הויסטה שלי באנגלית אבל אתרי התוכן בעברית. אצל הבן שלי יש מדיה-סנטר עם ויסטה באנגלית ואתרי התוכן שלו באים מארה"ב וכך גם היה במחשב הנישא שלי. אז חקרתי קצת את הנושא והגעתי עד אוסטרליה וזהפוסט מענייןן שאם עושים מה שכתוב בו אתם אמורים לאפס...