Message Only Window in for .NET Application

Monday, December 26, 2011

  Overview .NET is great platform, it speeds up the development process, you deal with your application logic and in most cases you don't need to know that there is whole Windows operating system down there. However sometimes you do need to program against Windows without the .NET assistance. As a Windows developer, you need to keep all your weapons ready, be it .NET, COM or C++ with the native Win32 API. In this article I am going to show how to deal with Windows Message based communication protocol within .NET application. Windows Messages In traditional User32.dll based Windows application the Windows...

Screen Capture in SIlverlight 4.0

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recently I have been doing a very sophisticated Silverlight project. In this project there was a need to capture the screen and to save the image in a data base. The known way to capture a screen is to use a WriteableBitmap class instance (See Jeff Prosise blog about this feature that was added in SL 3.0). To capture the screen we use the code from  The following code is a service that captures the screen image:       public classSnapshotService : ISnapshotService     {        ...

My Dev Academy Lecture Recording

Monday, April 12, 2010

In the last Dev Academy I have given a lecture in the TDM (R&D Manager) track about Software Porting, The Why, When, and How.  During the lecture I have talked about many different migration scenarios: from VB 6.0 to C#/VB.NET. From VC++ 6.0 to VC 2008/2010, From Unix/Linux to Windows, From old .NET to new .NET etc. I have talked about the porting project, best practices and tools. This is the link to the lecture’s slides. There are many useful links inside it. This is the link to the lecture video recording (sound track in Hebrew).
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Thanks to the people that came to the first meeting of the Windows Platform Developers User Group

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanks for all of you that despite the traffic jams, made it and came to the first meeting. And thanks again for your feedbacks, all of them were excellent! Here are the links for the resources that we talked about: Windows 7 Training Kit Visual Studio 2010 Training Kit – The kit contains the MFC labs for the Windows 7 features XP2Win7 – stay tuned for a new release next week, or two. Removing the Kernel Dispatcher lock by Arun Kishan ...

The first meeting of the Windows Platform Developers User Group

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Come and join Pavel and me to the first meeting of the Windows Platform Developers user group. If the Windows platform is interesting you (and it probably does, otherwise you won’t be reading this post) you have to come. This is the chance to influence the spirit of the group. Pavel and I wanted to have a group for people like us. Those who develop for Windows with any needed tool, not just .NET or C++ but both and even more. The first meeting will be about Windows NT 6.1, this is the shortest way to say Windows 7...

Atom Based Computer with Windows 7 Runs My Home Automation Server

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I own a Dual CPU Pentium III computer. This machine is 10 years old. I used to take it to companies back in the beginning of the millennium to teach about multi CPU programming. I have also developed and tested device drivers on it. around 2004 I began to use it as a gateway to my home automation system. It runs Windows XP with all my home automation related applications and code that I have developed. The machine became very noisy, I have replaced all the fans and put some oil but still the decibel level is too high....

More Windows Ribbon Tools & Resources

Sunday, November 1, 2009

As the co-author of the “Introducing Windows® 7 for Developers” book  I wrote the two chapters about the new Windows Ribbon Framework. The first Ribbon chapter deals with the Ribbon markup language and the second chapter deals with the code behind. To let the reader the ability to understand and play with the markup language before reading the code behind chapter, I have created an open source project named RibbonExpolorer. The Ribbon team from Microsoft has also created such a tool named PreviewRibbon that they have just released.    Both tools are good and...

Make your application runs and shines on Windows 7

Friday, August 7, 2009

Moving applications to new platform is not an easy decision to make. Sometimes you have no choice, new desktops and laptops run the new operating system and you have to support your clients. Sometimes you do have a choice, you install your application with the system and you can choose the operating system that your code will run on. There are two factors in this dilemma: first is the investment effort on making the application compatible with the new O/S comparing to the benefit (ROI). Second is that the application will probably need to continue running on the old...

Windows 7 Metro Content Updated for the RC

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have just came back from another Metro Win 7 course that I have given, this time in Budapest Hungary.  It was the first time that I have use the new RC materials. We were very busy moving all our slide decks, demo code and Hands On Labs to the RC Version as well as moving many of our samples to use the Windows API Code Pack instead of our Windows 7 Integration Library. The API Code Pack is the official wrapper of Windows 7 features for the .NET developers. There are still some parts that have not been...

Finally – Our Windows 7 .NET Wrappers are out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

During the last few months a small team from Sela, has developed course materials, exercises and demos for the DPE Metro Program, that show how to develop with the new features of Windows 7. As you may know, all of the new feature of the system are exposed to native developer, using Win32 API and COM. To use C# and .NET we developed set of wrappers. Sasha developed the Taskbar wrappers, and also wrote about it in his blog. Dima developed the Sensor & Location Platform wrappers and I developed the Shell Libraries wrapper and the Multi-touch wrappers. You...