Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide by Abhijit Jana book review

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Since the release of Kinect for PC I had the opportunity to take part and be involved with several Kinect based projects. Starting developing with the Kinect SDK is something that most .NET and native C++ developers can handle very easily. Just download and install the SDK, hook a Kinect device (you can use the Xbox Kinect, however you will need a power cable and do remember that it is just for the development process and some features, like near mode, will not work), run the Kinect toolkit browser, see the sample, read the document and open the source...

PDC09 – On the Fly(ight)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

39,000 feet, no Internet, no phones, on the way to PDC 09. I am sitting in the plain with Sela COO, which also happens to be my brother (Nepotism!). This is the first time in this week that we can relax and enjoy the flight, yes it is sound strange but I hope that it will be a looooong flight. This is not my first PDC, actually this is the third time that I attend the conference. However the numbers of attendees from Sela rise exponentially. In 2005 there were two of us (Noam King and myself), last year...

More Windows Ribbon Tools & Resources

Sunday, November 1, 2009

As the co-author of the “Introducing Windows® 7 for Developers” book  I wrote the two chapters about the new Windows Ribbon Framework. The first Ribbon chapter deals with the Ribbon markup language and the second chapter deals with the code behind. To let the reader the ability to understand and play with the markup language before reading the code behind chapter, I have created an open source project named RibbonExpolorer. The Ribbon team from Microsoft has also created such a tool named PreviewRibbon that they have just released.    Both tools are good and...