Microsoft is (finally) heading the right direction

April 4, 2014

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It is now almost the end of Build2014 conference, and as opposed to previous years, this year the message is clear, one Microsoft, one (universal) way to target phone and Windows 8.1 modern applications, and in the future XBox One apps. Microsoft is way more open compared to previous years. Roslyn is open sourced – the project was published live, on stage, the .NET BCL code is on the web, just search for it using Bing. Build 2014 is about devices & cloud. Nothing about Windows 9 or Windows Server. Many new announcements about new features of Microsoft Azure, Windows 8.1 update and Windows Phone 8.1.  There is no point writing about all these announcements, you can read about them and watch the lectures on channel 9.  However, being at build, as opposed to watching the lectures online, gives you a good insight about the atmosphere. Microsoft is listening and the audience loves it. Microsoft is filling the gap between Modern apps and the desktop, Microsoft allows enterprise Modern applications to call a backend code using sockets/Web API/wcf/SingalR. This means that native or old .NET application can have a Modern UI.  There is also a way to expose a broker .NET full-framework component in a way that a Modern app UI can call (using COM underneath) its interface. As a Microsoft Regional Director I had several side meetings, under NDA. I can’t write about the content, however the message as I said before is clear: Microsoft continues to invest in the current technologies that we all use and love. C++, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and WPF. They are all alive, supported and evolving. Microsoft also invests in current and future technologies such as Modern Apps, Phone Apps, XBox One Apps, the cloud and the HTML stack.

If you measure the popularity of a technology by the length of the line in front of the lecture room, .NET & C# win!  C++ is tracking non C++ developers attention (Herb Sutter’s lecture was full, C++ performance on modern CPU, was also full). And as usual there are some geek stars as Scott Hanselmen, Mark Russinovich and Andres Hejlsberg that no matter what they talk about, the room is always full.




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