Build 2012, Against all odds!

October 30, 2012

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I’m now flying from Vegas to Seattle, and I feel lucky. United just cancelled my flight and they could not find me any alternative that could bring me to Redmond on time. I’ve found the last two tickets (for my wife and me) on Southwest airlines and in one hour we took the shuttle to the other terminal, bought the tickets, went through security, ran to the last gate and made it.

So Build starts tomorrow morning, I am exited. Last year I was the only one coming from CodeValue. This year we are ten. We were supposed to be eleven, but Pavel’s flight was cancelled and he couldn’t find another flight.

This year was (and still is) a very busy year. Besides the hard work of making CodeValue the home for talented Computer geeks, I have participated in many P&P and other MVP & MRD activities and I have plans to meet many of the other participants face to face (and not Lync to Lync).

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