NDC 2012 TPL Dataflow Network Lecture

June 7, 2012

In about an hour I am going to deliver a session about TDF, the new Thread Parallel Library Dataflow Network technology of .NET 4.5.

In this post I’d like to provide the steps you need to start play with TDF and also the links to the lecture slides and demos.


To start use TDF:

1. Download Visual Studio 2012 RC, or use VS 2010 with the TDF CTP

2. Create a C# project and add a NuGet package of TDF

3. Add reference to System.Threading.Tasks

4. Write your code or download my demos.


To Run my Kinect Demo:

1. Buy a Kinect for PC or Use XBOX Kinect

2. Download the latest Kinect SDK (currently version 1.5) and Kinect toolkit.

3. Open the TDFKinectGreenScreen demo

4. Compile and execute it.


To use the Dataflow blocks VS 2012 debugger visualizer:

1. Go to codeplex and download the bits

2. Read Offir’s blog post about TDF and the visualizer

3. Open the visualizer project as an Administrator

4. Compile it

5. Run the visualizer test project, or open one of the demos and put a breakpoint

6. Open the visualizer for one of your blocks, prefer a source block in the root of your network


I’d like to thank to Offir for implementing the Dataflow Network Visualizer, we are ready to get more feature requests and any assistance to provide even better visualizer.



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