MVP again, and not alone

July 1, 2011

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I have just received a mail telling me that I am continued to be a C++ MVP, 6 year in a row. I am happy to be C++ MVP. Although I am doing a lot of .NET and C# developing, I am also continue to have C++ project, Win32 and COM and I am doing a lot of interop. I have also taught several C++ classes this year including Advanced Windows Debugging Techniques and Windows Concurrent Programming in the Multi-Core Era with the new concurrent runtime and libraries of VC++ 10. The rumors say that C++ will play big role in the upcoming Windows 8 and that the Build event is not just about JS and HTML 5, but also a lot of C++.

I want to thank the VC++ team for this recognition and also to thank Guy Burstein for his support.

As the title said, I am not alone. Josh Reuben, a colleague at CodeValue, one of the most talented and professional person that I know also recognized as an MVP. This is his first time and he earned it by hard work. People, who know Josh, know that he has a list of what he has to read and learn for the coming 2-3 years. When you open one of his computer books you see that the important words and line are marked with yellow marker.

If you want to meet Josh, come to his XNA lecture at Expert Days next week.

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