Expert Days 2011 – Summary

July 20, 2011

I really enjoyed taking part in the E4D expert day. The organization, atmosphere and the audience were perfect. I'd like to thank Eyal and Sarit for the opportunity to deliver three lectures in this event. I'd like also to thank the professional people that came to hear me. I enjoyed the interaction, the hard questions, the comments and feedbacks you have provided. For those of you that took part in one of my seminars, please contact me and request a link to the materials download sites. Please tell your friends about the seminars. If you want to have the...
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When something become a main stream it is no longer a niche

July 2, 2011

Microsoft has shut down its Windows Phone MVP program; they will reopen it as more consumer-focused group. I don't know all the reasons for that, and I would appreciate if they could rearrange the group without retire all mobile MVPs, but I think that there is something else that this news tells us. Windows Phone is not a niche, it is part of something bigger, and the client/consumer device story is changing. We consume information through our PC, Phone, Slate device, TV, Xbox. All of them are part of our everyday user interface, and in many cases for the...
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MVP again, and not alone

July 1, 2011

I have just received a mail telling me that I am continued to be a C++ MVP, 6 year in a row. I am happy to be C++ MVP. Although I am doing a lot of .NET and C# developing, I am also continue to have C++ project, Win32 and COM and I am doing a lot of interop. I have also taught several C++ classes this year including Advanced Windows Debugging Techniques and Windows Concurrent Programming in the Multi-Core Era with the new concurrent runtime and libraries of VC++ 10. The rumors say that C++ will play big...
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