Tech Ed Atlanta 2011

May 18, 2011

Now, after Shy & I have delivered the Cost Oriented Development lecture, I can relax and post a little bit about this conference. 226891_226164677397417_153188588028360_1047748_28682_n[1]Tech Ed 2011 is a really BIG conference. The Georgia World Conference Center is huge, and even thousands of attendees can not fill it. The Expo is twice larger than it was in the last LA PDC and you can see that companies that present here invest a lot. The audience is a mixture of IT professionals and developers. CloudValue, the CodeValue subsidiary company has a booth. We present our new cost online service tracking tool and sign companies to our beta program. We get very good reactions from companies that have already deployed their applications to the Windows Azure platform and others that are in the stage of shifting to the cloud.

The lecture that Shy and I have delivered also dealt with Cost Orientation. Cost Orientation is a new discipline, also it had to be part of our software development process long before. Since we are entering the cloud era, cost can be managed and is no longer transparent; you know the runtime cost of your application. In our lecture we have shown methods and tool to understand, plan, solve and review cost implications in any stage of the application life cycle. Our main statement is "Not accounting for the cost implications of your architecture design, and implementation will result in lower cost-efficiency". Besides talking about the methodology, we have also presented Cost Oriented Architectural and Code patterns and best practices.

If you are here at Tech-Ed Atlanta and wants to know more about Cost Orientation and CloudValue offerings, come to visit us in booth 1050.

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