MSDN Israel Event–Introducing Windows Azure

January 20, 2011

Arnon and I would like to thank all the people that attended today the Introducing Windows Azure lecture. The feedbacks (verbal and written) were great, thank you. As I said in the lecture, one of the best ways to further learning how to develop to Windows Azure is the Windows Azure training kit. Beside that you can watch and read the materials from the last PDC.

To those of you that couldn’t come to this event, I will briefly describe what we delivered:

In the first lecture we introduced the whole cloud concept, we showed the development tools, and got into the bits and bytes of the Azure O/S. The second lecture dealt with Azure storage, we explained each storage mechanisms talking about the why, how and when to use each of them. In the 3rd lecture Arnon talked about cloud architecture, and showed the many facilities to build a robust, high available and scalable application. We showed how to use the Service Bus and the Access Control Service (ACS). The last lecture was about the porting process – the best practices you need to know when doing the Windows Azure migration project.

Azure Twitter Architecture

During the day we had several demos, we showed a Twitter management system that collect tweets and response back. We also showed how I can control my electrical system at home using the ability of the service bus to go throw firewalls, routers and NATs.

I hope that we will have the chance to have another session like the one we delivered today.

Last but not least, please sign to our Cloudoscope™ beta program, it will help us (and you) to do the right thing when driving or shell I say flying your application to the cloud!

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