Cloudoscope™ – the first Cloud Cost Profiler™

November 28, 2010

As you probably know, we have established a new company, and as we said, we aimed to deliver cutting edge products and services to the developers’ community.

I am proud to announce our vision, methodology and tools that help you developing applications wisely in the era of cloud.

There are many reasons to move to the cloud, for example, this is taken from the Windows Azure site:

“Efficiency: Windows Azure improves productivity and increases operational efficiency by lowering up-front capital costs. Customers and partners can realize a reduction in Total Cost of Operations of some workloads by up to 30 – 40% over a 3 year period. The consumption based pricing, packages and discounts for partners lower the barrier to entry for cloud services adoption and ensure a predictable IT spend. See Windows Azure pricing.”

Can you really predict your Total Cost of Operations? What affects this cost? Is the architect’s and developers’ work a factor in this cost?

Think about your electricity bill. Suppose you want to reduce the Total Cost of Operation of your house. How do you know which electrical equipment cost you more? You need to measure the specific equipment and compare the resulting price with the value it provides you.

The same idea works with your code in the cloud. You need to measure the business request price. Moreover, you need to know the cost of a function, so you will be able to cost-optimize your code.

Cloudoscope™ is a suit of profiling and optimization tools for use by developers, who wish to build or port an application to the cloud. The first release of the product targets the Windows Azure platform and the .NET framework.

Cloudoscope™ – cut the total cost of ownership of cloud based applications.

Cloudoscope™ is developed by CloudValue™, which is a newly established subsidiary of CodeValue™.

Cloudoscope™ main features:

• Provide correlation between code and cost

• Cut total cost of ownership and save money

• Show the cost of each function and relevant line of code

• Show the cost of business requests

• Show cost improvement or degradation after a code change

• Provide optimization advices

• Provide guidance to Cost Oriented Development™

• Help trading service quality Vs. cost

• Provide a framework for developing Cost Oriented Unit Tests™

• Cost oriented cloud computing standard approval

Call to action:

Currently we are spending our time finishing the first alpha version of the product. We are looking for beta users that want to try our tools and provide meaningful feedback. You can register here.


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