Once in a 15 Years…

August 22, 2010


After 15 years at Sela I decided to take a new path. Sela was a home and family, I enjoyed being part of this family for all those great years. I don’t say goodbye, I will continue to give lectures at Sela and jump from time to time. This is the time to thank Dudu, Caro, Ishay and to all other employees or shell I say friends.

Erez and I with another 9 great professionals are establishing a new software company – CodeValue. Our target customers are people like us, professional developers who need to utilize new technologies. Our products are developer tools and software foundation. We think that the infrastructures that we build again and again in each of our projects can be useful products. We want to make them available to all.

As opposed to a startup company, we decided to sell from the very first day, this is one of the reasons why we will continue to lecture, consult and outsource projects. We are a very strong team that can take an idea and make it a reality. Being in the market also means that we know the actual problems, the missing parts, the tools and foundations that are needed. This will continue to guide us in deciding our future products.

I’d like to wish good luck to two dear friends in their new job, Noam King & Sasha Goldshtein, whom I had very good moments together and I hope that we will continue to cooperate.

As a Microsoft MRD and MVP I liked to thanks to the great people at the local branch of Microsoft. Guy, Maor, Eliaz, Elkana, Michal and many others that were there when I needed something (and vice versa) and I’m sure that we will continue to work together in my new way.

If you have any idea, if you want our company to build your project and share the foundation with us (It can cut your expenses), feel free to contact me.

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  1. NoamAugust 24, 2010 ב 10:02

    Good luck on your new path, I’m sure that you will all do a great work!

  2. Gil FinkAugust 26, 2010 ב 10:19

    Good luck on your new journey!

  3. ToratordDraleFebruary 25, 2011 ב 15:39

    pooperinpantz123|@HarryPotterRulez12 You re right. I never should have said anything, so, from now on, I will ignore yourп»ї comments.