Today! Gadi & Sahsa in the WPD User Group

January 6, 2010

Don’t forget to come today to the WPD user group to hear Sasha & Gadi.  Gadi is going to talk about parallel programming and Sasha is going to talk about developing native application with the next version of Visual Studio.  We are lucky to have two very talented lecturers in one evening. 


This is the agenda for today:


PDC Essentials – Alon Fliess

Introduction to the parallel world – Gad J. Meir

Moving C++ Applications to Visual Studio 2010 – Sasha Goldshtein

Sessions abstracts:

Introduction to the parallel world
The world is moving to multi core architectures. Four core CPUs are cheap and freely available today, cheap eight core CPUs are just around the corners. You can buy hybrid system of up to 256 cores (for the right price) today. The availability of multi core on every desk raises a paradigm shift. The software is expected to use the vast amount of cores properly and wisely. As a direct result, parallel processing area is experiencing a boost. Moving to parallel processing is not a simple process. It is much more difficult than multi-threading and has some unique complication. In this lecture, we will discuss the basic principles and hurdles of parallel processing and the different approaches available today in the market.  Terms like CPU architectures, Threading and Hyper-Threading, NUMA, SSE, Open MP, TBB, Concurrency Runtime, Sync and Async methods of operation and many others, are going to be and explained
.(and placed in the proper context. (Managed code, F# and PLINQ are not the focus of this talk

Moving C++ Applications to Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2010 is “The New 6” – celebrating a release that has significant improvements for native code developers, as well as a partial implementation of the C++0x standard (draft). C++0x is a major upgrade to the C++ language, including first-class functions and closures (as lambdas), automatic type inference, r-value references and many others. While porting Windows applications to Visual Studio 2010, you might also want to consider moving to 64-bit – faster compilers, a better instruction set, a larger address space and many other benefits are a strong incentive to perform the port. In this session, we will discuss the new C++0x features, see some of the neat new things in Visual Studio 2010 for C++ developers, and highlight the major challenges in porting code to 64-bit compilation

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