PDC09 – On the Fly(ight)

November 17, 2009


39,000 feet, no Internet, no phones, on the way to PDC 09. I am sitting in the plain with Sela COO, which also happens to be my brother (Nepotism!). This is the first time in this week that we can relax and enjoy the flight, yes it is sound strange but I hope that it will be a looooong flight. This is not my first PDC, actually this is the third time that I attend the conference. However the numbers of attendees from Sela rise exponentially. In 2005 there were two of us (Noam King and myself), last year we were 7 (Joined us Noam Sheffer, Adar Wessely, Sasha Goldshtein, Ariel Ben Horesh, Tomer Shamam) and this year we are 17. (Too long list…). Left at home many other Sela experts that easily could join us (Some of them didn’t think about the PDC 9 months ago, Some wanted to attend Mix 10), So there is a good potential for next PDC. This year we also have a booth. Erez (Sela COO), Ishai (VP) and Dudu (CEO) will show to the world the strength of Sela and the Israeli high-tech industry. The PDC event is a milestone for us. It concludes the work that we did in the last year for Microsoft DPE, and it is hopefully a starting point for more projects. Last year, right after the PDC four of us flew to Redmond to start the Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers and WPF labs projects. This year Ishai and Dudu visited Redmond before the PDC. I wonder if the projects that they bring today will be also revealed in a year from now.

A short shopping list of what we achieved between the two PDCs:

  1. We are the major vendor in CWL
  2. We have prepared with Redmond DPE the Windows 7 Metro materials
  3. We have helped with developing the WPF Metro labs
  4. We have delivered Metro courses (Windows 7, WPF, Silverlight, and Azure) around the world: USA, Israel, Hungary, Australia, New-Zealand, India, Sweden, Turkey, and Portugal.
  5. We have developed a demo application called XP2Win7 that demonstrates the new features of Windows Vista and Windows 7
  6. We have prepared the Windows 7 developer launch event
  7. We are recording a video streaming based course on the new features of Windows 7.
  8. We are developing a demo game that shows how to share most of the code between WPF and Silverlight.
  9. We have done some other interesting projects that are still under NDA with Microsoft.
  10. Sasha and I have joined Yochay and Lourance from Redmond DPE and publish the "Introducing to Windows 7 for Developer" book. (Go and buy it!)
  11. We are developing the next WCF 4.0 MOC for Microsoft learning.

One of the nice things about the work that we have done for Microsoft is that many experts had the chance to participate. For example XP2Win7 started with Josh, Sasha Goldshtein, Dima and me, Noam Sheffer, Kosta, Tomer Shamam and Ariel Ben Horesh had joined in the middle and the last milestone was mainly developed by Bnaya , Ram Dayan, and Guy Rozen.

It is very nice and fun to have so many people from Sela. Usually we don’t get to see each other very often beside mail and Messenger (@3 AM and weekends – geeks!). We all have demanding projects (and clients).

Beside education and fun we also have two main goals from the conference:

  1. To be ready to the coming SDP and to bring the knowledge right from the source. This is especially important this year because of the fact that there is no Tech-Ed.
  2. To be technology up-to-date. As a consultant and education company we must be one step ahead of the industry. It is a shame that we are the only consultant and training company in Israel that think that even in these hard times it is important to invest in the most important resource of the company (Human Resource).

Do remember that people that couldn’t make it to the PDC can still hear about the new technology In the SDP. Those who are in the PDC, come to our booth, you have the chance to draw a 25.5” HP TouchSmart all-in-one computer!

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  1. erezhNovember 17, 2009 ב 16:43

    And it allows me to focus on Sharepoint 2010, that will have its place in the coming SDP.

    I plan to attend two sessions about Sharepoint 2010 today only (see my session list here: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/erezh/archive/2009/11/17/my-schedule-for-the-first-day-of-pdc.aspx).

    Oh.. and I wish Sela employees could participate in the drawback of the HP TouchSmart..

  2. Maor DavidNovember 17, 2009 ב 17:35

    You have there great ppl. Enjoy the PDC – all you deserve it!