PDC-2008 Managed Development on Windows Server Core 2008 R2

October 29, 2008

Windows Server Core is a subset of Windows Server 2008 dedicated to a specific mission. If you want to setup a DNS Server, a File Server, or a Media Server you don't need to full blown Windows Server machine. You don't need the Windows Shell, You don't need sound capabilities, you don't need ... you have got the idea. Using a subset of Windows Server 2008 results a smaller memory footprint, faster server and smaller attack service. For example comparing to the full Windows Server 2008, only 40 percents of the patches were needed for the Server Core....

The Return of the GUID

One of the main problems of COM interop is the need to distribute the interop libraries with your application. If your application footprint is 50K, and you use only one API from the Office interop library, you will need to have the 1.2MB PIA library installed with your executable. The situation is even worth because the only way to install the Office PIA is by installing the Office redistribution pack which its footprint is over 6MB. To fix this situation Microsoft has developed a new feature in C# 4.0, The NoPIA. No Primary Interop Assembly means that you can...
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PDC 2008 – Windows Azure

October 28, 2008

The day started with the announcement of a new "Operating System" for the cloud - Windows Azure. Windows Azure is a foundation to build scalable and robust applications and services that will be deployed to Microsoft servers (the "Cloud"). Windows Azure also support a .NET Services such as SQL services, Exchange services and so forth. It seems that .NET MyServices (Hailstorm) is back with a more mature design and implementation. The only problem that I find in this model is that I think that many companies will not put their core business data and functionality in Microsoft hands. You...
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